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Trying to slap a ‘one size fits all’ label on sea freight? That’s like trying to fit a giraffe into a phone booth!

At our company, we’ve got a better approach—we custom tailor solutions to fit your needs like a perfectly tailored suit but for shipping!

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Our ocean services in a nutshell

• We’ve got service contracts with global carriers that are cooler than the other side of the pillow
• Our export LCL services are so dedicated, they practically have their own cheer squad at every major port
• Whether it’s FCL and LCL, Break Bulk, RORO, Special Equipment Cargo, we’ve got it all we’re the shipping equivalent of a ‘choose your own adventure’ book!
• Need something special? We handle full charters and special equipment like it’s just another day at the office
• Imports? We’re like the international Santa Claus, bringing goods from all continents for both FCL and LCL

Cost-Effective for Large Shipments

Often the most cost-effective option for transporting large and heavy shipments over long distances. It’s particularly advantageous for businesses dealing with bulk cargo.

Environmentally Friendly Option

Sea freight is generally considered more environmentally friendly. It has a lower carbon footprint per ton-mile, making it a sustainable choice for businesses focused on reducing their environmental impact.

Global Reach and Connectivity

Provides a global network, connecting major ports and facilitating international trade. It’s a crucial mode of transport for businesses engaged in import and export activities, offering connectivity to various continents.

Suitable for Non-Urgent Shipments

While sea freight may have longer transit times compared to air freight, it is a reliable and cost-efficient choice for non-urgent shipments. With proper planning, businesses can benefit from the economical aspects of sea freight without compromising on reliability.


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